Holmegaard Cabernet Wine Glass

If you’ve been shopping for wine glasses before, you may have been overwhelmed by the number of options. You probably had questions like, do I need a different glass for white and red wine? Do I need a specific glass for specific wines? What about sparkling and dessert wines? The honest answer is – with the exception of flutes, that make it very hard to smell your wine and therefore experience all it’s aromas – the differences in taste you might experience from drinking a wine out of one glass opposed to another are so minimal, you really only need one, all purpose glass. Cue the Holmegaard Cabernet Wine Glass. This glass is hands down my favorite in the market, and believe me, I’ve spent a long time searching. The stem is delicate but durable. The bowl is just the right size for smelling and enjoying all different types of wine. And the glass is the perfect thickness. Search no more! The perfect wine glass is here