Her parents are spirited connoisseurs who spent the 1970s living in the Bay Area, going to Wine Country on weekends, and drinking bottles that are now part of history. From a young age they instilled in her a passion for wine and cuisine, showing her how great food and beverages can add zest to everyday life

Throughout her wine career, Allie’s been named one of the most influential sommeliers by Wine & Spirits Magazine, one of Southern Living’s thirty women moving southern food forward, and one of the 30 under 30 hospitality professionals in America on Zagat’s first ever nationwide list. She received a graduate degree from NYU in World History with a focus in Food Studies while writing for Gourmet Live, Epicurious, and Saveur. She was the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, General Manager, and Sommelier at the James Beard nominated Henrietta Red in Nashville, TN, and is the Food and Beverage Director for The Wildset Hotel and Ruse Restaurant in St. Michaels, Maryland. Most recently, she founded Balin Beverage Co., a female owned, spirits, wine, and beer import and distribution business. She gained her Certified Sommelier Certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers and has since been responsible for training future leaders in the hospitality industry on wine and service

Allie Balin has always had a                   for wine


Allie’s experience in these varied roles within the wine industry inspired her to create Drink This, Drink That, a website for wine lovers who want to learn more about wine and expand their wine horizons 

For so many non-professionals interested in learning more about wine, comfort and ease can seem out of reach. Deceiving terminology, confusing lists and labels, and elaborate sets of wine “rules”, can make something that should be pleasurable seem pretty overwhelming. On top of that, the only courses available are often expensive, lengthy courses that generally require travel and an already extensive body of knowledge. Allie developed Drink This, Drink That to give the non-professional wine lover the information to confidently navigate the world of wine without the hefty price tag, confusion, and intimidation

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When she’s not further developing Drink This, Drink That, Allie is hanging out with her dog Lucy and making trips to Wine Country on weekends -

just like her parents!

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