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The Drink This, Drink That Wine Course gives you the tools to make more informed wine decisions, helping you                                                              

expand your wine horizons! 


You want to learn more about wine but don’t want to sign up for an expensive and time consuming course geared only towards professionals

You want to branch out of your regular wine routine and experience more of what the wine world has to offer

You want to feel comfortable buying, serving, tasting wine, and more

You want to gain a better understanding of wine without the pretense and intimidation

With The Drink This, Drink That Wine Course You’ll Learn: 

Fun facts and enlightening info about common and off-the-beaten-path wine grapes

 The steps of wine making, including how rosé, sparkling, and orange wines are made

 The main structural components of wine, how they contribute to a wine’s flavors and aromas, and useful descriptors to help you express your wine wants and needs

 How to tell the age of a wine, where it comes from, and what grape(s) it’s made with before you even taste it!

 Tips and tricks for reading wine lists and labels and how to pick out the perfect bottle at restaurants and bottle shops

 Where and how to store wine to keep your bottles in top shape for immediate or future consumption

 How to open up wine in a professional and home setting, the perfect glass to enjoy it in, and what to serve it with

 How to have fun with wine by disregarding outdated wine “rules” and misconceptions

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Lesson One

What Is Wine?

Where do winemaking grapes come from
 New World vs Old World
Common and off-the-beaten-path wine grapes

Lesson Two

How Wine Is Made

The basics of making white and red wine
How rose, orange, sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines are made

Lesson Three

Tasting Wine

The structural components of wine
Useful wine descriptors
The ins and outs of wine tasting

Lesson Four

Buying Wine

Tips and tricks for navigating restaurant and bottle shop wine lists
Reading wine labels

Lesson Five

Serving Wine

Storing and aging wine
Temperature control
Pairing wine
Opening bottles

Lesson Six

Current Topics In Wine

Biodiversity and Climate Change
Natural Wine and Distinct Varietal Character.
What Does It Mean?
Representation in Wine

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